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Anglo-Saxon History and Background

Comprehensive website resource:  Regia Anglorum  
History of the period
Christian heritage 01
Christian heritage 02

Tour Guide and Researcher

Derek Sharman MBE, BA (Hons)
Anglo-Saxon Projects and Sites in Northumbria
Bamburgh Research Project 
Bede’s World  
Coldingham and St Abbs
Ad Gefrin (Yeavering)           
Gefrin Trust    
Lindisfarne 01
Lindisfarne 02
Lindisfarne Heritage Centre
Maelmin Trust
Saints of Anglo-Saxon Northumbria  
Anglo-Saxon Saints
St. Aidan
St. Oswald 01    
St. Oswald 02
St. Oswald’s Way
St. Cuthbert 01
St. Cuthbert 02
St. Cuthbert's Way 01
St. Cuthbert's Way 02
St. Cuthbert's Way 03

Anglo-Saxon Art and Literature

An introduction to Anglo-Saxon manuscripts

Medieval manuscript making
Bede’s Ecclesiastical History 
Lindisfarne Gospels

Viking Northumbria

Viking Northumbria
Lindisfarne 793 Viking Raid